WordPress Sites

WordPress Sites

One of the most effective and “smart” tools to create a website is certainly the use of CMS WordPress. CMS stands for Content Management System and allows you to easily create and manage a site without having any knowledge of web languages such as html or php.

Of course, although it is not necessary to have a thorough knowledge of the various programming languages, a basic understanding of HTML and CSS can often be useful.

Also, the creation of a WordPress site requires some knowledge of databases and the use of ftp, as well as knowing how to install the native CMS and then customize it.

What I do specifically can be summarized as:

  • Analyzing the business (or services) and also understanding how the competitors are doing;
  • Set up with the client an idea of the site to be realized;
  • If it is the case, consider various collateral activities of web marketing (SEO, Social Networks, etc.);
  • Install and configure the page management system;
  • Choose and adapt a professional graphic template and implement it on the management system;
  • Prepare (eventually) the site in different languages thanks to the WPML system;
  • Customize the theme and finally publish the website online.
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