No Freedom, No Rights

No Freedom, No Rights

In 2009, Poster4tomorrow organized the first non-competitive contest titled “The pencil is mightier than the sword” that aimed to raise awareness on a very particular topic: creating posters to attract attention and act against the repression of freedom of expression. 

As the brief stated, “Freedom of expression is a right that the Western world takes for granted. But in many countries, such as Iran, innocent people are persecuted and imprisoned daily due to their pleas for democracy and freedom of the press or for exposing human rights abuses. “

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The creation of “No freedom, No rights” poster was almost immediate. The restriction of freedom of expression immediately made me think of the plight of women. The burqua, a form of mortification of women and represented in the left side of the poster, is seen “in negative” in the right side, where the woman’s face is revealed, but it is the mouth to be covered, so as to understand that however you want to see it, freedom of expression is still denied.

The poster was chosen among the 100 winning posters that have been exhibited in 24 cities around the world since December 10, 2009 and is still present on the Poster4tomorrow website.

In Italy the poster was exhibited at the Milan Triennale.

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