Book Cover

Book Cover

The book “Nell’acqua il mio segreto” published by Edizioni El Squero has a very interesting plot that unravels on several seemingly very distant levels: the life of the Venetian violinist Iris, the adventures of the Rhodesian explorer Giovanni Miani, and the journey of an ancient Egyptian priestess.

How could such different events be represented on the book cover?

The point was a uniting Venice and Egypt, and it was not the easiest thing to do. After a series of tests, the idea fell on the representation of hieroglyphics: I thought that this could give wide margins of expressive freedom, so I inserted “fake hieroglyphics” picturing some typical monuments and symbols of Venice inside a papyrus with more authentic and typically Egyptian hieroglyphics.

The result is the cover of the book presented on March 3rd at the Luna Baglioni Hotel in Venice on sale now in several bookstores in Venice and available online at the publisher’s website.



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